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Facial pain can show up for a variety of reasons, and today we are going to review three of them which you don’t want to ignore. You can have facial pain on one side or but still be so intense that you seek pain relief. Facial pain can crop up if you experience facial trauma, have an infection, or problems with nerves in a tooth. Let’s take a look!

1-Dry Socket: after a tooth is extracted, whether an extensively damaged tooth that they can’t or a wisdom tooth when you have a tooth removed, such as a wisdom tooth, or a damaged tooth that can’t be saved, you can experience a dry socket. This can happen when a blood clot doesn’t form after your tooth is extracted. Should this happen, you will likely feel intense pain, swelling of the gum tissue, a fever along with a bad taste in your mouth. Your dentist or oral surgeon will need to treat your dry socket as soon as possible.

2-Dental Abscess: an abscessed tooth is another painful cause of pain in the mouth. This happens when bacteria infiltrate the nerves and blood vessels of a damaged tooth. If you have a cracked tooth, a severely decaying tooth, or ongoing gum disease, you are vulnerable to a dental abscess. How can you tell if you have an abscessed tooth? A persistent, throbbing pain, a bad taste in the mouth, red gums, fever, and swelling of the face are all symptomatic of this condition. You will want to seek help from your dentist if these signs arise, as an infection is a serious oral health condition.

3-Sinus Infections: Also called sinusitis, this kind of infection may cause pain in the face. It can affect your upper jaw region and the teeth there, making you feel a painful ache. There may also be pressure around your eyes and cheek areas, in addition to swelling of the face, ear pain, and fever along with bad breath. You may think the pain is a problem with a tooth–such as the molars where the roots are close to your sinus cavity. If you find that cold and sinus medications aren’t helping you relieve your symptoms, see your doctor for relief.

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