Help Maintain Your Healthy Smile Habits by Asking Your Dentist These Questions at Your next Visit

Seeing your dentist every six months for cleanings and exams will go a long way to maintaining your oral health. Not only does our team check for potential problems while they are easy and most economical to treat, but we give your teeth a thorough cleaning. We remove tartar deposits,... Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile’s Appearance

The alignment of your teeth directly affects the appearance of your smile. However, even people with a perfectly aligned front teeth can still suffer from cosmetic imperfections like stains and discolored tooth enamel. Teeth can also be damaged irregularly shaped or spaced. Rather than living with an unattractive smile, you... Read more »

What You May Not Know About the History of Toothpaste

Although you have been brushing your teeth for years, probably with different types of toothpaste, you may not know the history of it and how it’s evolved over the years. Today’s blog showcases the history of toothpaste, so please read further. Toothpaste goes back to Egyptian times, about 5000 B.C.... Read more »

With a Dental Crown, Your Smile Can Enjoy These Four Benefits

If you are interested in improving the appearance and quality of your smile, we invite you to consider dental crowns as an option. Dr. Peter Gangi and our team are pleased to provide you with four benefits of receiving a dental crown. When you visit Oneco Dental Care for a... Read more »

Enjoy the Holidays but Protect Your Teeth

With fall in the air, the holidays are finally here. But with them comes all the delicious treats we wait for all year round. Unfortunately, many of them are bad for our teeth, and if you have them once in a while, you aren't wreaking havoc, but having them for... Read more »

Simple Tips to Help Preserve Your Smile’s Appearance After a Dental Bleaching Treatment

Most of the time the retail strength dental whitening products sold in stores simply lack the potency to do more than removing minor surface stains from the teeth that appear in your smile. It’s also worth noting that some of these products can also pose a threat to the health... Read more »

Are You Experiencing One of These Three Causes of Facial Pain?

Facial pain can show up for a variety of reasons, and today we are going to review three of them which you don't want to ignore. You can have facial pain on one side or but still be so intense that you seek pain relief. Facial pain can crop up... Read more »

What to Expect with an Extraction

At Oneco Dental Care, Dr. Peter Gangi and his staff are dedicated to preserving your smile. We want to make sure that you have a full set of healthy teeth. But from time to time, occasions arise that make an extraction necessary.  Such instances include tooth-crowding, in which there are... Read more »

Root Canal Treatment: The Answers to FAQs

Root canal treatment is a great way to save teeth that can’t be repaired with a dental filling, dental crown, or other dental restoration. It’s typically the last treatment option before tooth extraction, and it can restore your tooth’s health, strength, and function. Why would I need a root canal?... Read more »

Smile Makeovers: Caring for Your Dentures

Have you been taking good care of your dentures? Do you make sure to store them properly each and every night, as well as practice safe and effective damage prevention plans to ensure they don't end up broken? For a refresher course of helpful tips, see below: - If your... Read more »