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Most of the time the retail strength dental whitening products sold in stores simply lack the potency to do more than removing minor surface stains from the teeth that appear in your smile. It’s also worth noting that some of these products can also pose a threat to the health of your teeth and periodontal tissues.

If you’ve been dealing with stubborn dental stains, you should strongly consider scheduling a dental bleaching treatment at Dr. Peter Gangi’s dental offices.  The potent whitening agents and professional tools that he uses can safely whiten your smile without harming your mouth.

Once your white smile has been fully restored you will still need to take measures to prevent future recurring dental stains.

Cutting back or eliminating certain dark foods like chocolate and dark berries can help lessen your chances of suffering new dental stains. Cutting back on ark beverages like coffee, tea, green tea, and dark soft drinks will also help. If you occasionally want to enjoy one of these beverages you might want to use a straw.

If you are an occasional or frequent tobacco user, you should also consider embracing a cessation program through your primary physician. Not only will this reduce your chances of suffering tobacco-related health conditions, it will also go a long way toward preserving your white smile.

If you like, you could also brush your teeth occasionally with a whitening toothpaste that has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

If you live in Sarasota, Florida, and you have noticeable dental stains on the teeth in your smile, you might want to call 941-462-4659 to schedule an appointment at Oneco Dental Care.