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Although brushing and flossing are highly effective for maintaining your oral health, you may need some help to whiten your smile. You might consider trying teeth whiteners, which will attack deep stains and discolorations in your teeth.

For a high-quality tooth whitening treatment, you should visit your dentist. In under 90 minutes, your teeth can be ten shades whiter. The whitening trays will be custom fitted to your mouth to ensure a good fit and an effective treatment.

Your dentist can give you an at-home kits for patients to use in their free time to touch up your teeth. You can also purchase whitening kits over the counter. Although they are popular, some products may not do what they advertise, and some might damage your gums and tooth enamel. Before using any form of tooth whitener, always consult your dentist.

If you would like to speak with Dr. Peter Gangi and our team about teeth whitening options, please schedule an appointment at Oneco Dental Care in Sarasota, Florida, by calling 941-462-4659. Our dental professionals are here to help!